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Current Partners
Strong partners are important

Throughout his career, Robert Chua has recognised the value of having the right business partners.

In June 2000, Mr Chua and the rest of CETV’s management welcomed Time Warner Inc, the world’s leading media company, as a new partner.

The Time Warner group intends to work closely with Mr Chua in revamping CETV and providing global sales and marketing support. Chua maintains his shareholding in CETV and will continue as chairman, responsible for the channel’s content.

Time Warner will provide some of its massive programming, channel management and marketing resources to CETV.

E commerce project partners

Mr Chua briefly researched the Internet business market, but has decided to stick to creating innovative television program concepts.

One project he was involved with in the E Commerce sector,, was a regional business site where members of the public would be able to register complaints against Asian businesses. Companies, in turn, would be able to sign up as site members, giving them the right to remove complaints once they have been acted upon. His partner in was investment banker Mr Suberna Shringla, formerly head of business development strategy, Asia Pacific for Turner Broadcast International and prior to that in a senior position with Walt Disney Studios.

Mr Shringla says he will continue to support Robert Chua in other projects. "As a banker, I would obviously support him very strongly because I believe in the man and his ability and potential. He is a strong media person and now that he is backed by Time Warner his potential is greater than ever.”


Past Partners

Robert Chua has worked with a huge variety of customers and other partners since he first set up his production house in 1974. In producing commercials and corporate videos, he became close to many of the most famous corporate names in Hong Kong.

There was also work for the Government. In 1977 the Hong Kong Government Information Service hired him as a consultant to produce the Silver Jubilee pageant celebrating the 25 year rule of the British Queen Elizabeth. The event was deemed great success by the Government and the general public.

In his early days exploring the broadcasting market in China, Robert Chua partnered with many mainland Chinese TV stations, including stations in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Sichuan and Henan provinces.

In 1981, Robert Chua teamed up with Hong Kong’s dominant English language newspaper, the South China Morning Post, to produce a magazine for the Shanghai tourism industry.

A few years later he became a consultant to one of Hong Kong’s biggest companies, Hutchison Whampoa, for its bid to acquire a cable television license.

Many of Robert Chua’s most recent partners have been related to China Entertainment Television Broadcast (CETV,) which Mr Chua founded in 1994.
Early shareholders in CETV included the Indonesia’s ‘Lippo Group’ , Malaysia’s ‘Malayan United Industries’ and America’s ‘International Family Entertainment’, and to finally Time Warner.


Future partners welcome

Robert is always seeking new partners to help develop his ideas into sound businesses.

Robert Chua has developed a set of core values for identifying suitable partners:

  • Broad and enlightened vision;

  • Integrity;

  • New economising (adaptable to the new electronic economy,);

  • Commitment to entertainment/edutainment and enhancement of lifestyle;

  • No politics in the relationship.

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