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In 1979, Robert Chua’s company became the first Media Company in the world to enter the Chinese TV market. First Foreign commercial aired on CCTV (Citizen Watch time-check) was secured by his company.

In 1994, he founded a satellite channel CETV and was one of the only two foreign satellite TV with official landing rights into China. In 1997, he was appointed Guest Professor of ‘News and Media Studies’ Nanjing’s ‘Nanjing University’.

In late 2003, he sold his entire CETV stake to his partner Time Warner to concentrate on pioneering the world’s first ‘cross-media’ interactive channel TIC (The Interactive Channel) that is aired over Cable TV and IPTV channel. It was launched late Dec 2004 and won the AFDESI 2006 “Best International Interactive Enhanced Television Award” in Cannes.

In mid 2007, TIC focused on “Health & Lifestyle” and created the ‘cross-media’ interactive ‘Health & Lifestyle Channel’ (HLC). All its ‘live’ shows simulcast over the Internet /3G to enhance TV viewers and Internet users’ viewing experience.

Year     Description


Chic Cities (co-production with SMG’s Channel Young) airs weekly on HLC/CY as well as Taiwan ETTV’s ETToday Channel.
The 6th position with all the 89 channels
Rating Chart (Saturday), 19 Sep, 2009


Consultant to Shanghai ‘Channel Young’
生活時尚, 2008


‘Health & Lifestyle Channel’ airs on HK Cable #27, and HK Broadband #506 April 07.
Chua revamps iTV channel for China
C21Media, 27 Apr, 2007


TIC – The Interactive Channel airs on HK Cable #27, and HK Broadband #506 in Dec 04.
Interactive Channel Launches in Hong Kong
World Screen, 13 Dec, 2004


TV honour for China
The Straits Times, 8 Aug, 2003

–Robert concentrated on the development of TIC, the convergence of TV / Internet / Telephony.

–Sold remaining shares of CETV to partner Time Warner.


Robert’s Game Show format ‘Everyone Wins’ aired in Shanghai was the top quiz / game show on prime time in Shanghai for 3 years running 2003-2005.The show was also aired in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Vietnam.
‘Everyone Wins’ may be the next big gameshow
Indian, 17 Nov, 2002

Appointed as consultant to ‘Shanghai Oriental TV Entertainment Channel’
Shanghai Oriental TV Entertainment Channel, 27 Sep, 2002


Time Warner Announces Strategic Alliance With CETV
星島日報, 4 Jul, 2000


Appointed Guest Professor of ‘News & Media Studies’ of Nanjing University.
南京大學新聞傳播系, 28 Jun, 1997


Founded/ Launched CETV Satellite TV Channel and secured official landing into Guangdong, China in 1999.
CETV was officially launched
South China Morning Post, March 11 1995


Started distributing American movies/ programs such as Charlie’s Angels/ Love Boat/ Miami Vice etc.
Aussie Distrib Taps China Mart
Variety, 5 Dec, 1984


Secured the first foreign commercial ever aired n Beijing (CCTV) in early 80’s, ‘Citizen Watch Daily Time-Check’ which was also aired on Shanghai TV, Guangdong TV and Fookien TV.
Chua ‘Coup’ in China
The Sun, 16 Dec, 1979


The first media company in the world to enter China in April
廣東電視台, 2 Nov, 1993

Exclusive Agent representing China Stations such as Guangdong TV, Sichuan TV etc.
文匯報, 27 Mar, 1979


Launched HK-TVB (No 1 Terrestrial TV) in Hong Kong.
Taking up TV job in HK
Eastern Sun, 23 May, 1967

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