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April, 2007

Most people in Hong Kong know me as a creator of content for television, something I have been doing for more than 40 years since I returned to Singapore from Australia in 1966.

My new ‘virtual interactive’ Quiz how, `Everyone Wins’ has already been taken up by broadcasters in Asia and it is only a matter of time before it reaches into North America and Europe.

As you have probably read elsewhere on this site, I underwent brain surgery in early 1999 to remove a build-up of fluid. As I recovered, I found time to learn to use a computer and bought my first PC on April 21, 1999. Until that day I had never touched a computer keyboard, although of course my staff used them in my business.

In 2000, I had wanted to establish myself as a creator of content for the Internet, but I soon realized neither the market nor all the technology was ready for the kind of things I had in mind. Most people are not equipped to receive proper streaming video. But now the time is right.

The whole TV industry is talking about convergence/Interactive/digital/IPTV.

Having been in the TV industry for over 44 years Robert understands how to harness the power of technology and utilize the converging trends between TV, the Internet and Telephony or ‘triple play’. The interactive environment has flourished over the Internet and Telephony in the past decade such that a large and underserved market of interactive entertainment exists as never before and this trend will grow exponentially on to TV in the foreseeable future. Robert seizes the opportunity and financed the development and start-up of TIC-the world’s first “cross-media” Interactive Channel, launched on Hong Kong Cable TV and Hong Kong Broadband (IPTV) with over 800,000 subscribers.

TIC is a unique television broadcasting Channel leveraging innovative technology by pioneering a ‘cross-media’ concept utilizing the convergence of broadcast TV, internet, radio, webcam, videophone and mobile networking technology that allows viewers to truly interact with the program, providing instant feedback, voting online, playing games by using SMS. Viewers anywhere in the world participating on shows via webcam, videophones and 3G phones will also appear on TV.

Aside from traditional ad income, TIC ‘cross media’ Interactive technology helps bring up TV rating via unlimited audience participation, and new source of income via SMS/IVR.

TIC has set a new industry standard, leapfrogging to the next level in the broadcast industry. It is:-

Current programs that has interactive elements use a Set-Top Box or SMS to play games; or chat on MTV; or vote on. ‘Idol’ etc. TIC’s ‘Cross Media” technology combines all the features of chat/vote/quiz/call onto one show, allowing viewers anywhere to participate/appear on TV via webcam/3G/videophone while simulcasting on TV/Internet/3G and the Radio.
There will be copycats at a later stage but TIC is at least a generation ahead as it continuously develop to remain the market leader with a good TIC Brand name for being the pioneer of the world’s first ‘cross-media’ interactive TV Channel. TIC is innovative, pioneering and ‘first mover’ in a market that is totally under-served.

TIC could be an opportunity for a strategic partner who wish to develop a lucrative and strategic brand and venture into the Greater China Market (with China approval), and the world for ‘Cross-media’ Interactive Entertainment, the future of TV Entertainment.

So I am back to doing what I know best: creating ‘cross-media’ interactive program concepts for television. I am good at creating content and I have over four decades track record to prove it.


The story of Robert Chua

Most people in Hong Kong know me as a creator of content for television, something I have been doing for more than 40 years since I returned to Singapore from Australia in 1966.

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