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Image by Ruslan Bardash


Embracing the Internet, as well as TV

Robert sees the Internet, television as well as telephony, as the future medium for his creative talents. Given the current market conditions and the state of technology needed to really drive entertainment on the Web in 2000, he decided to concentrate on television program formats.

Turning his three decades of television experience to the task, he has a bank of several dozen unique television formats at the marketing stage, including the ‘virtual interactive’ `Everyone Wins,’ where the home audience can participate in winning prizes. Several of his formats has been taken by broadcasters and aired in countries like the UK (BBC-1), China (Shanghai), Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Vietnam with a pilot to be produced for the US (CBS) late 2007.

In 2004 he created the world’s first ‘cross-media’ interactive TV platform in “The Interactive Channel” (TIC) that is being aired in Hong Kong as a Cable and IPTV Channel. Early 2007 he transformed TIC the general ‘cross-media’ interactive channel to “Health & Lifestyle Channel” and plans to satellite the Channel to Asia to aim primarily at the China market.

Robert will continue to combine the best attributes of both media: TV, Internet and Telephony. He is regarded as the pioneer of the interactive television.

New partners welcome

In addition to the projects mentioned above, he is working on many other ideas to develop potentially highly profitable Mobile and On Line businesses.

For many of them, Robert is seeking new partners to help develop his ideas into sound businesses.

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