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Welcome to the Website of Robert Chua, one of the great pioneers of broadcasting in Asia. With 50+ years of broadcasting experience involving all aspects of television production and distribution, Robert has now turned his attention toward producing concepts and content for TV and the Internet.


Robert has a proven track record as a producer and innovator, but this is not just another vanity website. Its purpose is clear: to profile Robert for potential investors, suppliers, consulting clients, new business partners and friends around the world. It will also serve as a useful source of information to journalists and researchers. The site has been created in the open, transparent style Robert has always maintained in his business dealings.

Robert pioneered terrestrial television in Hong Kong in 1967. As one of the first executive producers at Hong Kong’s first terrestrial TV station, TVB, he brought the first ever live show to Hong Kong, starting off with a variety program (Enjoy Yourself Tonight), and created the first Miss Hong Kong pageant. He also produced Hong Kong’s first charity marathon live show.

Robert soon became Production Manager at TVB and was eventually promoted to Special Assistant to the Managing Director.

In early 1974 he attempted to visit China but it was not till in early 1979 that he was allowed to visit China to became the first media person in the world to enter the China television market.