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Name: anita chen  Email: 
sorry, agian, i didn’t read the bottom caption.
Name: Jordan Wood  Email: 
Dear Mr. Chua,

Greetings from Edmonton, Alberta Canada. My name is Jordan Wood. I am a Canadian resident and a personal fan of yours. Your work in Asian media is an inspiration to those of us who are starting out in media.

Personally, I have worked as a school teacher and as a Training and Development Coordinator for Ipsos Reid Direct where our focus was television commercial copy testing. My undergraduate degree is in education with a minor focus in English as a Second Language. I am very much interested in expanding my work into radio and perhaps television broadcasting.

For the past couple of years, I have been researching the possibility of producing English as a Second Language radio programming for mainland China. I believe that there is an opportunity to grow business in this market and that this sector is underserviced in terms of providers as compared wtih other Asian countries like Japan and Korea.

We have a number of interested people in Edmonton who have worked as educators in English as a Second Language, and producers and technical support who have worked in radio and television both here and in mainland China, that would like to work in a project of this nature.

Recently, we pitched a daily half-hour radio program concept to a number of mainland Chinese radio stations and they replied with considerable interest in the idea.

We believe that radio would be an excellent venue from which to launch a variety of services in the ESL marketplace ie. distance learning modules and ESL products and resources (books/tapes/videos/software/magazines) for a number of demographic targets.

We believe that Canada is an excellent location to produce these resources given our immediate access to a variety of English media products, ESL educational resources, equipment/facilities and production/educational talent.

Would you be able to to point us in the right direction? We need further counsel as to whether or not this is a viable business idea. If it is indeed viable, as we think it is, we need to secure business partnerships in Mainland China/Asia and finacial backing that will complement the success of this venture and take it to the next step.

If you are interested in this idea or able to help in any way it would be greatly appreciated. I am also interested in any biographical work that has been compiled about you.

Kind regards,

Jordan Wood

Name: jin  Email: 
Dear Mr Chua

This is great opportunity for younster like me to
have a better understanding about tv industry.but
wat if we have no tv background and wish to join
tv industry,wat ways or route?

Name: Dr. Michael Hoffman  Email: 
Dear Mr. Chua,

I heard about your web site from RTHK this morning with reference to a proposed
program that would enable or attempt to bring opposing parties together.
Specifically I have been in a 13-year dispute with the Lands Department.
Recently information has been presented in ‘pre-discovery’ that would
Indicate that officers in the Lands Department have obstructed justice and
Withheld vital information concerning this long dispute.The withheld
Information would have solved the problem years ago in my favor.That
Seems to be the reason the information was withheld.
A pressing question to HK Government should be, “if the Justice Department
Is defending the Lands Department in the dispute, who prosecutes the officers
That obstructed justice in withholding the information that would prove Lands
Department wrong doings.
If there is a program in the works I’d like to be a part of it.

Yours truly,

Dr. Michael Hoffman

Name: Tom Hartje  Email: 
Hey old friend!Glad to see your back in the saddle and shaking things up.Your endless energy and innovation is to be envied.Come visit us in San Francisco and the Wine Country!
Name: Ade Bendel  Email: 
It Has Been Done!
Name: Richard  Email: 
Robert.You are absolutely right to criticize the degrading reality shows.You may not be politically correct in your criticism, but you are morally correct.There is a direct link betweeen what we see and hear and our own mentality and actions.Degrading and debased television results in a degraded and debased society.Asia should resist acquiring the rights to these television series and protect the people.Keep up the good work, Robert.Be fearless. Speak your mind.Richard
Name: Gary Lico  Email: 
Dear Robert:

I’ve been a fan of yours for quite awhile….entrepeneurs like me are
inspired by the accomplishments of people like you.

So it was with great excitementthat I read your comments on the current wave of reality television emanating from our part of the
world.I agree totally:I cannot watch any of it.We’re suffering
through another these days, THE BACHELOR, where 25 women and one
man….oh, I can’t bear to even describe it!

You’re an industry leader, Robert….I do hope others follow your lead!

Congratulations again,

Gary Lico

Name: Ingvar Grimsmo  Email: 
I am glad you wrote this because these shows really are stupid. I don’t watch them out of principle, but from what I have seen I agree with you totally.

However, some people might think that these people on the show are volunteers and profit seeking idiots that actually work hard to get on the shows. It is also often believed that most of the participants are merely acting and walk out of there with their money and go home happy.

The few on the shows that are actually real are of course the true idiots.

I think that it’s the global viewer’s lack of cultural upbringing and respect for people’s emotions that are the real cause for the craze. After all, if no one wanted to watch – there would be no shows. You couldn’t PAY me enough to watch them. (Well OK, everything has a price)

The cold-blooded producers merely sees a group of revenue producing, idiot viewers that get off on these things. The group of people that buy National Enquirer and pay to listen to your Squidgy tapes are lost souls in the world of emotional turmoil. Probably with little family values and a “whatever” view on life. Lowlifes themselves, they find pleasure in watching the pain and embarrasement of others. It feeds their own misery. THEY are the cause of all this.

This is, in my opinion the true sadness about this. Not always the opportunistic vultures of the TV industry. They are merely taking advantage of a “commercial viable” opportunity. (Who said this again….?)

You are of course right in every respect in blaming the producers. They are the ones that should have said NO because of social responsibilities. But they wont. Shareholders, executives and the public demands profitable and fresh material to keep the sillymachine going.

I thing as a world we might be failing in bringing up our kids in a socially responsible manner. To our credit, I can tell you that John and Erik would never watch these shows and thank God understand why the shows are so morally poor.

Bottom line in my thinking…. yes, you can blame the producers – but it’s the viewers wanting this garbage that drives the machine.


Name: js  Email: 
I was very amazed and impressed by your milestone.
I was a Singaporean and look forward to be like
you who contribute so much to the TV industry.
Though currently the economy is not good enough for
Singapore industry to recruit more younsters,I
will not give up and try my best to persuit my

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