Tribute to Lydia Shum

The death of veteran TV/Film comedienne Lydia Shum Tin-ha is a great loss to the Chinese communities all over the world.

I had the honor to work with Lydia when I first discovered her in June 1967 through the kind introduction of Nancy Sit Kar-in nearly 41 years ago when she was only 22 years old (2 years older than Joyce who is now 20 years old). I was looking for talents to sign up to join the EYT Cast (Enjoy Yourself Tonight) that I was creating. After meeting her for a few minutes I decided to sign her up immediately without any ‘screen test’. She was so sweet with such natural talent that I knew she would be an immediate success with the viewers of EYT. I was right and the rest is history.

She was a very versatile talent. She was very smart and quick as a Presenter, good Comedienne who plays with her heart, good singer and dancer. She was the backbone of the EYT family cast who had brought joy to those that had worked with her and viewers at home. She is irreplaceable.

Lydia ‘s daughter Joyce Cheng Yan-yee is also very talented and a lovely young lady. She is a talent in her own right. I see Lydia in Joyce. She has inherited the best DNA/talents from Lydia and combining with her own, she will certainly become an even greater star than her mother Lydia . That was what Lydia would have wanted Joyce to be, a great star (even greater than herself). Lydia has always been very proud of Joyce. It was always a joy to see them together as they interact lovingly and often say “I love you” and kiss each other.

I was correct in recognizing Lydia ‘s talent when I first discovered her 40 years ago and predicted that she would be a great star. I am sure I am correct again in predicting Joyce will become a even greater successful star than Lydia and be known by not only the Chinese communities but by everyone all over the world and be as famous as Jackie Chan and Jet Li.

Joyce is a very good singer and has the potential to become one of the world’s best Chinese/English Singer. If one compares Joyce’s singing with the majority of Hong Kong ‘s popular Chinese singers she is much better than most of them. Most Hong Kong popular singers’ success are due to good packaging and marketing. Joyce has the real talent with an outstanding voice. She sings well in English and Chinese.

I will forever remember Lydia ‘s smile, happy contagious laughter and all our happy working and personal moments together.

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