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Robert (center) with the EYT cast and crew, 1973
EYT remains one of Robert’s greatest achievements. Without his talent for live shows developed in Australia and Singapore, Hong Kong television might have had to wait for years for a live-to-air show to develop.

EYT was revolutionary in Asia. It was broadcast live, which meant there was no room for production mistakes. It used multiple presenters – celebrities and new talents – mixed with light variety content, and it was shown five nights a week.

Critics said the idea would never work but the show ran in much the same form it was created for more than 30 years.

During his time at TVB, Mr Chua hired and trained many new television talents for roles in various shows including EYT.

After creating EYT and accomplishing an impressive list of other `firsts’ at the station, Robert left TVB and started up his own production house, Robert Chua Production House Co Ltd (RCP.) With his name already established in the local TV industry, RCP was a big success right from the start. There were no other freelance television facilities available at the time because of the high capital costs involved.

You are joining one of the most interesting television projects in the world..
Welcome letter from TVB General Manager Colin Bednall dated May 24, 1967
Starting out producing commercials and TV variety shows for broadcasters, advertising agencies and corporate clients, RCP branched out to documentaries, major audio visual productions, stage productions, and private work such as weddings and gala parties.
By the late 1970s RCP was producing at least one commercial per day as well as renting out its facilities to clients.

Eventually RCP became a big player in the broadcast advertising market in China. It was the first production house to shoot a TV commercial in China and brokered many deals for foreign advertisers looking for exposure in the huge China market.

Robert with Chow Yuan Fat, 1999
From its base in a huge garden setting in Hong Kong’s plush Kowloon Tong district, RCP soon gained a reputation for producing the best film and video in Asia. Its clients included the major advertising agencies, big local companies and multinationals – RCP produced the first commercial for Coca Cola ever done in China.

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