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Hong Kong (August 31, 2004) – Starting September 1st, Hong Kong’s CABLE TV viewers will have the opportunity to experience Asia’s first 24-hour interactive television network called The Interactive Channel (TIC).

Featuring cutting-edge technology, the new TIC will have its trial run on Channel 5 (Traffic Kowloon) daily between 8:00pm and 6:00am. On December 1st, it will officially launch its 24-hour programming schedule.

"TIC is a pioneering cross-media concept that represents the industry’s next evolutionary leap. It utilizes the convergence of broadcast TV, radio, Internet and mobile networking technologies to create ‘infotainment-based’ programming," said Robert Chua, Chairman and Founder of The Interactive Channel Company Limited. "TIC employs mobile phones and the Internet as a critical component of its interactive platform. Through our Website,, viewers will be able to play numerous games for prizes – including a chance to win $1 million dollars – and will soon be able to participate in all TIC shows."

"We are pleased to be associated with The Interactive Channel to introduce this innovative channel to our platform, and expect it to deliver a brand new television experience for our viewers," said Eric Lo, Executive Director of Cable Subscription Services, CABLE TV. "TIC fits well with the profile of our viewers who are technology savvy, and I am confident that the channel will be welcomed by many."

Previous attempts at interactive TV have only focused on either music or gaming. TIC is more progressive and features a diverse range of programs including talk and game shows, documentaries and children’s programming. The 24-hour schedule is focused on providing general entertainment for the Hong Kong TV audience.

"Television has long been criticized as a passive medium. With TIC, viewers will become an active participant in all the shows," adds Chua. "TIC’s programming policy will also be ‘no sex’ and ‘no violence,’ as is the case with the China Entertainment Channel (CETV) that I founded 10 years ago."




The Interactive Channel

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Soon viewers around the world will be able to watch and participate in the programming of TIC. Through the channel’s Web site, the business traveler in Vancouver can watch the same television show with his children who are in Hong Kong.

TIC will broadcast locally produced shows. Viewers, using familiar technologies such as SMS and Web Chat, will be able to give feedback, suggest topics, vote in polls and even play games. TIC will feature:

TIC prizes come from innovative international companies who are on the vanguard of cross-media technologies, including Nokia, MTV, La Milky Way, Tom Lee Music, Multiplex Cinema Ltd., Finnair and Morning Star Travel Service.

About The Interactive Channel

From Robert Chua Productions, The Interactive Channel is the first 24-hour interactive TV channel in Asia providing a combination of entertainment and information to audiences. Through "infotainment-based" interactive media, it features a pioneering cross-media concept utilizing the convergence of broadcast TV, radio, Internet and mobile networking technology. Its programming policy will be ‘no sex’ and ‘no violence.’





The Interactive Channel

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TIC is working with many of the world’s leading companies to make interactivity a reality in Hong Kong. CITIC1616 will provide the SMS gateway for all local mobile phone operators and the communications structure for viewers to participate via their mobile phones. MTel will be TIC’s mobile phone content provider to provide an array of mobile entertainment, including TIC’s own mobile content to viewers. TIC’s technical consultants are Icareus and G-grafix from Europe; future software programming and development will be in cooperation with RedLynx. European companies OuterRim and Fun2Phone provide additional games. Singapore’s GameXGame is currently developing TV and Web based games for TIC’s new shows.

About Robert Chua Productions

Robert Chua is recognized for having pioneered terrestrial television in Hong Kong in 1967. As one of the first executive producers at TVB – the first terrestrial TV station – Chua brought live programming to Hong Kong, including the variety show Enjoy Yourself Tonight and the debut Miss Hong Kong pageant. In March 1995, he launched the Chinese language satellite TV service, China Entertainment Television Broadcast Ltd. (CETV), which was acquired by AOL/Time Warner in 2000. He recently sold his entire shareholdings to AOL/Time Warner to focus on creating new formats. Chua is regarded by television industry executives worldwide as a significant resource for Asian co-production, distribution and consultation services.

About Hong Kong Cable Television Limited
Hong Kong Cable Television Limited (CABLE TV) is Hong Kong’s leading pay television service provider. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of i-CABLE Communications Limited, Hong Kong’s leading fully integrated communications company that owns and operates one of the territory’s two near universal telecommunications networks. It also provides broadband Internet access service and creates its own multimedia content.

CABLE TV now offers more than 80 locally produced and international channels, providing a wide array of news, sports, movies, documentaries and entertainment programs.




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