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¡§Everyone Wins¡¨ on 8!

Singapore, 26 March 2003 ¡V Everyone will be a winner on Channel 8 when the No.1 Chinese channel launches ¡§Everyone Wins¡¨, the hit gameshow by Singapore-born TV veteran Robert Chua that is making waves in China and premiering in Hong Kong soon.

The interactive gameshow is one of the first in the world that allows both homeviewers and studio contestants to win cash prizes. The Singapore version will be hosted by popular TV personality Jack Neo. Channel 8 will be launching three episodes of charity specials on 5, 12 and 19 April, Saturday, 8 to 9pm. These 3 episodes are specially produced in support of the National Kidney Foundation¡¦s impending charity donation drive. It will be recorded in Shanghai with MediaCorp artistes specially flown there to play the game. Thereafter, it will be shown on 2 weeknights each week from the third quarter of this year.

Mdm Chua Foo Yong, Chief Executive Officer of MediaCorp TV, says, ¡§We are very pleased to be working with Robert Chua, a rare talent in the industry who has made good overseas, and is now sharing his expertise and experience with fellow Singaporeans. Our viewers have so far been treated to gameshows like ¡¥Who Wants to be a Millionaire¡¦ and ¡¥Weakest Link¡¦, formats we acquired and adopted from the West. ¡¥Everyone Wins¡¦ is an Asian gameshow which we hope to help popularise here and beyond. With a formula that marries winning money with learning for both studio contestants and homeviewers, I believe this will be a big winner on our channel.¡¨

¡§Everyone Wins¡¨ is a Question and Answer gameshow with cash prizes to be won by both the studio contestants and homeviewers.

Studio Contestants:
In the studio, the contestants will answer 5 questions per round within a specific time frame. There would be a total of 3 rounds to be played.

There is a score counter (the points awarded will decrease as the seconds tick) that will determine the points due to the contestants. The quicker the contestants answer each question correctly, the higher their scores. Likewise, the quicker they answer the questions incorrectly, the higher the points deducted.

After each question, a series of lucky numbers will be generated. The last digits of the contestants' scores will generate a stream of "Lucky Numbers". For this Charity Special version, 3 digits lucky numbers will be generated in all the 3 Rounds.

The homeviewers can then match these lucky numbers against their own telephone numbers, which they use to call the NKF charity hotline. They will stand a chance to win cash prizes.

Point-Swopping Exercise At the End of Each Round:
There is a point-swopping exercise at the end of each round. The contestants can register their interest in swopping points with one of the other contestants. As the scores are kept secret among the contestants (i.e. they only know their own scores and no one else's), they will have to guess who is the one with a comparatively higher score. Smart contestants can prosper by swopping their scores with a faster-fingered (or one who has managed to answer his questions correctly as well) opponent.

Be a winner with ¡§Everyone Wins¡¨ this April and August ¡V only on Channel 8!
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