Everyone Wins

From August 21, 2003, Thursdays at 8pm!

Host: Jack Neo

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, The Weakest Link, Wheel Of Fortune, Russian Roulette...we've been swarmed with a plethora of gameshow heavy-hitters in recent years but none we could cradle and declare as our very own.

The wait, however, ends with the launch of Everyone Wins.

Billed as Singapore's very 1st own formatted gameshow in every sense - the brain behind the gameshow is none other than Singapore-born TV veteran Robert Chua, Everyone Wins also prides itself for having a true-blue Singaporean as the host for the 1st time.

Another unique feature of this local (but already going places) gameshow is that it requires contestants to compete and call the bluff at the same time and it also allows homeviewers the chance to win cash prizes as well!

While we bring on the fanfare, read on to find out what gives!

Studio Participants
In the studio, 6 participants will contest in 3 rounds of questions & answers. Each round consists of 5 multiple-choice questions. The 1st and last round will be text-based questions (normal Q&A), while the 2nd round will be visual-based questions (observation questions based on video snippets).

Contestants will have to answer 5 questions per round within a specific timeframe. There is a score counter that will determine the points due to the contestants. The quicker the contestants answer each question correctly, the higher their scores. Likewise, the quicker they answer the questions incorrectly, the higher the points deducted.

Contestants do not know the scores of other contestants (Only lucky viewers like you can see their scores). After completion of Round 1, contestants will be asked if they want to change their scores. Only one of those who have submitted their requests, (selected through computer balloting) get the chance to choose who they would want to exchange score with. Exchanging of scores will then take place.

The same mechanics will apply to Round 2 Q&A, and scores-exchange. After Round 3 Q&A, the selected contestant will be offered 3 choices:
1) exchange score with the contestant of his choice;
2) keep his score, get other contestants to exchange their scores;
3) get the mystery gift, while getting other contestants to exchange their scores.

At the end of this round, results of the 3 contestants with the highest scores will be announced. The winner in 3rd place will bring home the same amount of cash as his/her score. For the winner in 2nd place, he/she will bring home the amount he/she won with one ‘zero’ added to the back of his/her score, (e.g. score is 65, he/she will bring home 65+0=$ 650). The person with the highest score will get to add 2 ‘zeroes’ (e.g. score is 65, he/she will bring home 65+00=$ 6500).

Homeviewers get to participate by calling a hotline number (1900 911 3456) to register their participation. In each Q&A, the last digit of 3 contestants’ scores will be highlighted on screen. Should the numbers reflected match in sequence to their NRIC number or Harvey Norman receipt, he/she will have to call the hotline to participate. The 1st & 2nd round will generate 5x 3-digit numbers respectively, while the 3rd round will generate 5 x 5-digit numbers respectively.

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