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Tuck into Ch 8’s new look

May 13, 2003

Savour this: MediaCorp TV Channel 8’s cool new look topped with delicious, tantalising servings of creative, new programmes to whet your appetite!

Angelene Wong

Leading TV producer Robert Chua & Jack Neo
Another 2 new gameshow formats namely Everyone Wins and You Be The Judge – both the brainchild of leading Singaporean television producer Robert Chua – will be launched soon. Hosted by local comedian Jack Neo, Everyone Wins was the highest rated show when it was first launched in Shanghai.

In line with Senior Vice-President of Network Programming and Promotions 8, Mr. Khiew Voon Kwang’s vision to create “winning concept and format that will not only appeal well to Singaporeans but also can travel to the world”, Mr Chua harbours high hopes for the gameshow which looks poised to travel to Europe and America. Mr Chua quipped: “I hope to see different 'Everyone Wins' in different languages, different countries!”

Talking about travelling, Queen of Caldecott Zoe Tay will also be bringing exotic locations into the comfort of your living rooms in Wonders Of The World, a travelogue programme.

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