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New game show would pit disabled against able-bodied

Broadcasters in Hong Kong have been accused of bad taste by planning a gameshow where disabled contestants compete against able-bodied people.

RTHK says it is seriously considering commissioning the show - called Count our Blessings.

It has been devised by China Entertainment Television Broadcast chairman Robert Chua Wah-peng, reports the South China Morning Post.

A team of three players - two of whom must have visual, hearing or speech impairments - would compete against a team wearing dark glasses, mouth gags or headphones blasting out loud music.

Mr Chua claims the show will promote people's understanding and support for people with disabilities.

The Movement Against Discrimination has described the concept as very dangerous, adding disabilities are no laughing matter.

Spokesman John Tse Wing-ling said: "By artificially separating the disabled from the normal people you are going against the movement of trying to include them into our society."

But some disabled people in Hong Kong say they are keen to sign up for the show.

Wang Kai-fung, of the Hong Kong Society for the Deaf, said: "Maybe at first we will be put on the spot and laughed at but I don't care. Sometimes we just need to play a game and relax."

Hong Kong Blind Union chairman Leung Kwok-wing added: "We are not being exploited or patronised. I hope when they see us laughing they'll realise that we are just having a good time."

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