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Robert Chua Conceptualised Quiz Programme Proves To Be A Big Hit In Shanghai

“Everyone Wins” Draws High Audience Ratings on its First Night

Hong Kong, 8th January, 2003 -- A television quiz programme,." Everyone Wins", devised and created by well known local television producer, Mr Robert Chua, has proved to be a big hit in Shanghai. The hour long programme was first aired by Shanghai Oriental Television on the 1st of January.

The station has chosen to air the programme, at prime time, between 8 and 9 pm, seven days a week. This is the first time that any television station in China has made such a major commitment to a programme.

The ratings, in this time slot, compiled by A C Neilsen, revealed that the show ranked third and during the last quarter hour period ranked second, amongst the more that 25 stations available to viewers in Shanghai.

The shows premier featured guest contestant Dickie Cheung Wei Kin from Hong Kong amongst six other stars from Shanghai.

"This result is phenomenal. I am delighted. It has achieved an impact I could not have dreamed of," said a delighted Robert Chua.

"It took weeks for quiz programmes such as "Millionaire " to gain this leadership position in the UK for example," he added.

The show is the first interactive quiz programme to be aired anywhere in the world which allows the viewers watching the programme at home to win prizes.

Viewers can win prizes, during the entire show, if the sequence of numbers on their ID card, mobile phone numbers or any other pre determined document, matches all the last digit of points scored by contestants at the end of each question. At the same time, viewers can join the excitement and the tension in the ‘Swap Round’ between the studio contestants.

It took Robert Chua more than a year to create the shows concepts and the software element has been programmed by Chris Goss, based in the UK, one of the world’s leading interactive TV developers.

"Now that the programme has aired in Shanghai, I am looking for other Chinese cities to follow suit. "This will be followed by a push to sell the programme globally over the next six to twelve months to dethrone the current most successful quiz show “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? " Mr Chua said.

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由本地資訊電視製作人蔡和平設計及創作的電視遊戲節目《今天誰會贏》 (Everyone Wins) 於上海首播,大受歡迎。該一小時的遊戲節目於本年一月一日正式在上海東方電視台播出。


根據AC Neilsen市場調查,在上海超過二十五個電視台當中,《今天誰會贏》電視遊戲節目的收視率名列該時段的第三位,而在節目最後十五分鐘的時段更躍升至第二位。



蔡氏補充:「在英國,即使《百萬富翁》(Millionaire) 等遊戲節目亦需經過數週後才能達到這樣的領導地位。」



蔡氏花了超過一年的時間以構思是次的遊戲節目,並由來自英國的世界級互動電視遊戲節目製作人Chris Gross設計有關軟件。


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