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Talent picks up Asian 'court TV' format

EDINBURGH NEWS - UK indie Talent Television is developing a British version of the 'court TV'-style reality format You Be The Judge, devised by Hong Kong-based Robert Chua Productions.

Distributed by sales house Distraction Formats, the interactive show tries to settle real-life domestic disputes by putting them to a live public vote. For instance, whether a garden hedge should be chopped down because it blocks out a neighbour's sunlight.

The format has a host inviting pundits from the legal profession, family members and celebrities who've had similar experiences to comment on the dispute, with viewers deciding the outcome via phone votes and SMS.

The parties to the dispute in question all sign a legally-binding agreement to abide by the public's decision. Talent's boss John Kaye Cooper is understood to be pitching You Be The Judge at primetime slots on ITV1 and BBC2.

Meanwhile, Distraction has licensed the same format into Germany. Telcast is currently developing a local version of the show, with Sat.1's 18.00 Saturday slot in mind.

After a deal with Asian television veteran Robert Chua earlier this year, Distraction has exclusive ex-Asian rights to the format, and is sharing Asian rights with Chua.

Ed Waller
22 Aug 2003
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