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SMS acquisition for Distraction

International format distributor Distraction has acquired international rights to a new interactive SMS-based format from Hong Kong entertainment veteran Robert Chua.

You Be The Judge is Chua's latest attempt to bring the potential of SMS texting to the entertainment arena. The location show involves a host settling minor real-world disputes with his own cash, with the final jury rulings made via home voting, premium phone lines and SMS.

"The core content of this format has been proven to work in a number of territories but none have yet invited the audience to participate," said Chua. The deal with Distraction gives the Canadian distributor global rights, although Asian rights are non-exclusive.

Chua has already sold the format to Singapore network MediaCorp, which is due to air its version of the show next month. It is being produced by HK-based Focus Productions for MediaCorp's Chinese channel.

Chua's previous interactive format, Everyone Wins, was sold outside Asia via Action Time. That format has so far gone to TVB HK, Singapore's MediaWorks, plus deals in Turkey and the Middle East. It has also been stripped seven nights a week on Shanghai Oriental Television from the beginning of this month.

Ed Waller
20 Jan 2003
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