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Robert Chua Unveils New Interactive TV Format, “You Are History!”

Posted by chachamusic on February 7, 2009

Robert Chua Unveils New Interactive TV Format, “You Are History!”

Ticlogo2005 At the MIPCOM tradeshow last week, Robert Chua, a prominent figure in TV formats and Asian TV circles, unveiled a cross-platform interactive TV quiz/game format, entitled “You Are History!,” that integrates TV, the Internet and mobile telephony. (Note: in 1967, Chua helped start up Hong Kong’s first terrestrial TV station, TVB, where he created the show, “Enjoy Yourself Tonight,” which was the first program broadcast live in Hong Kong, and which eventually became Asia’s longest running variety show. In 1974, he started his own production company, Robert Chua Production House, which in 1979 became the first foreign TV production and advertising company to enter the mainland China market. In 1994, he founded China Entertainment Television Broadcast, a Chinese-language family entertainment channel which is transmitted via satellite throughout China and the rest of Asia, and in which media giant Time Warner acquired a majority stake in June, 2000. In 2004, he launched The Interactive Channel, a 24/7 cable channel that is notable for its cross- media approach to ITV and for the degree to which it allows viewers to participate in its programming. For an in-depth interview with Chua, and an overview of The Interactive Channel, see [itvt] Issue 5.92 Part 2.)

According to Chua, the FRAPA-registered show, which is an hour long and which he plans to launch shortly on The Interactive Channel (TIC), is the first of its genre to use TV and Internet pairing of contestants. It features two competing teams, each consisting of one studio-based contestant and one home-based contestant interacting via Webcam: the teams answer general knowledge, “IQ,” and current affairs questions, solve puzzles, and answer questions asked by a celebrity. The studio-based contestants serve as the leaders of their respective teams, choosing their home-based partner from a number of contestants. However, both the studio-based member and the home-based member of each team are given the chance to decide, in the course of the show, whether to keep or “fire” his/her partner and choose a replacement–hence the show’s title. Viewers, meanwhile, can participate via SMS or the Internet, and win prizes, by predicting the winning team or the final score. “We’re excited to have created ‘You Are History!,’ a very promising, unique, cross-media interactive TV program,” Chua said in a prepared statement. “‘You Are History!’ sees the convergence of broadcast TV, Internet and telephony–SMS–and is available to international buyers who want to broadcast cross-media interactive TV shows generating SMS revenue and ratings. TIC provides the ideal technical support and software platform to integrate the Internet, TV and SMS technologies.”