Subject: article: Chua revamps iTV channel for China

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Chua revamps iTV channel for China

Hong Kong TV veteran Robert Chua is to overhaul his Interactive Channel into something more like Discovery Health with added interactivity, and is planning to take it into mainland China, he has told C21.

"This new channel has lots of potential since there is no such channel in Asia right now. It is also a 'cross-media' interactive TV play not available anywhere else," he said. "I aim to launch it like I did with CETV, which got landing rights in China and was sold to Time Warner."

In 1995 Chua was one of the founders of Hong Kong's CETV channel, which was bought by Time Warner in 2000 and taken into mainland China. Chua, who launched The Interactive Channel in 2004, is now hoping to do the same with his newer channel.

Describing the rejig, Chua said Interactive Channel would now carry lifestyle and health-related programming, as well as talkshows, game, cookery and travel programming, all with Chua's trademark interactivity included in the mix.

The plan to target mainland China has meant a switch from Cantonese to Mandarin, with some English-language content.

Interactive Channel is currently carried by Hong Kong's Cable TV platform. Currently seeking investment to secure Chinese satellite carriage, Chua has also recently acquired a minority stake in an undisclosed Vietnamese channel and signed a memorandum of understanding with a channel in India.