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Asia gets 24-hour interactive TV

Asia's first 24-hour digital interactive television network The Interactive Channel (TIC) is launching on Hong Kong's Cable TV with a trial run daily between 8pm and 6am. It will officially launch a 24-hour programming schedule on December 1.

"TIC is a pioneering cross-media concept that represents the industry's next evolutionary leap," said Robert Chua, chairman and founder of The Interactive Channel Company Limited. "It utilises the convergence of broadcast TV, radio, internet and mobile networking technologies to create infotainment-based programming.

"Television has long been criticised as a passive medium," added Chua. "With TIC, viewers will become an active participant in all the shows. TIC's programming policy will also be to show no sex and no violence, as is the case with the China Entertainment Channel (CETV) I founded 10 years ago."


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