Tue, Mar 04, 2008
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Flowers fill HK stadium

LYDIA Sum's nickname was "kai xin guo" (happy fruit in Chinese) but her final farewell was one filled with sadness and tears.

Her memorial service, held at Hong Kong Coliseum yesterday between 2pm and 4pm, was tinged with grief and melancholy.

Especially heartrending were speeches from 15 of her close friends such as television veteran Robert Chua, actor-host Eric Tsang, composer Lau Ka Cheung and a recorded video clip by singer Jacky Cheung.

As they spoke about their memories of Lydia, many of the 500 celebrities and 6,000 audience members were overwhelmed.

Lydia's daughter Joyce was constantly wiping away tears while her father, actor Adam Cheng, sometimes stroked her shoulder to show support.

Lydia's many celebrity friends who turned up included Patrick Tse, Deborah Li, Michelle Yim, Ng Man Tat, Taiwanese singer Ritchie Jen, Miriam Yeung, Grasshoppers, Law Kar Ying and TVB stars like Nat Chan.

As the service ended at 4pm, the celebrity guests queued patiently to plant Lydia's favourite white orchids and champagne roses on the stage.

Members of the public queued outside for their turn to make their floral offerings. The whole stadium was filled with the beautiful flowers and their lingering scent.

Countless heart-shaped wreaths dotted the stage just under five big suspended photos of Lydia.

On the floor, about 200 round floral wreaths filled the entire centre row of seats.

Apple Daily reported yesterday that the import of white orchids and champagne roses has gone up 20-fold recently.

The roses are mostly imported from Holland, Singapore and China while the orchids are mostly from Thailand.

Hong Kong's fresh flowers distribution association chief, Mr Wong Heng Keong, said: "Because the demand for the flowers for Lydia's memorial service is so great, champagne roses from Holland has gone out of stock."


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