RTHK \"Success Stories\" series tops the Appreciation Index

The "15th Television Programmes Appreciation Index Survey: Best Television Programmes Awards Presentation" organized by RTHK yesterday (19 March) illustrated the territory's television programmes at their best. Twenty TV programmes scoring the highest appreciation index were presented with the "Best TV Programme Award". The coveted "Special Commendation from the Advisory Panel" was also awarded last night.

Four high calibre productions vied for this year's "Special Commendation from the Advisory Panel", namely "Success Stories - JAO Tsung-I" (RTHK), "Saturday" (TVB), "Light of Million Hopes - episode 1" (ATV) and "Huai He Special" (Cable). The "Special Commendation from the Advisory Panel" is the highest honour given out in the survey and chosen by the Appreciation Index Panel as well as professionals from the industry. This year's adjudicators included film directors Stanley KWAN, LU Xue Chang, and , President of the Public Television Service Foundation Taiwan Yung-te LEE.

The results of the four phases of the survey yielded an overall average Appreciation Index of 71.07 for all the 210 local TV programmes. Among all four TV broadcasters taking part in the survey, RTHK scored the highest Appreciation Index (73.88), followed by ATV (71.2), TVB (70.17) and Cable TV (69.32) in the third and fourth places respectively. Among the three genres of programmes, namely current and public affairs, information, and entertainment programmes, the current and public affairs programmes achieved the best performance even though they had the lowest number of productions overall - only 26. The average highest Appreciation Index for these programmes is 73.74.

Officiating guests included Daniel FUNG, Chairman, Broadcasting Authority, Rita FAN Hsu Lai-tai, President, Legislative Council, CHU Pui-hing, Director of Broadcasting, KWONG Hoi-ying, Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning & Corporate Affairs, ATV, Siuming TSUI, Executive Director (Programming Services), Cable TV and Sophia CHAN, Programme Division, Deputy Controller, TVB. The award presenters themselves originate from different sectors of society. They include Prof. JAO Tsung-I, Chinese studies master, Jerry YANG Yiang-zhong, father of ox clone, YAU Shing-tung, world-famous mathematician, LAM Kwong-yu Albert, Director-General of Civil Aviation, Philip CHEN, Director and Chief Operating Officer, Cathay Pacific Airways, Audrey EU, Legislative Council Member, the Broadcasting Authority members Felix FONG Wo, LAU Kun Lai-kuen Stella, Professor CHUNG Sheung-chee Sydney, Dean, Faculty of Medicine, CUHK, Prof. LAM Shiu-kum Dean, Faculty of Medicine, HKU, Raymond WONG, Senior Journalist, LEE Cho-jat, Chairman of The Newspaper Society of Hong Kong, LEE Peng-fei Allen, Public Affairs Commentator, CHENG Ka-ho, The 2003 Hong Kong Sports Star Award winner, wushu athlete LI Fai, artistes Haken LEE, Leo KOO, Miriam YEUNG, Alex FONG, LAM Kin-ming and Joe MA,. Production crews of all the award-winning programmes also attended the ceremony. The emcees of the event were Anna AU and LEUNG Wing-chung.

Director of Broadcasting Chu Pui-hing, said, "In the digital era, we have to cater to our audience's ever-changing tastes. This year, several pay-TV channels were launched in succession prompting us to produce more quality TV programmes. The TV Programmes Appreciation Index Survey will enable our audience to identify their needs as well as assist the media professionals and production crews to better set and achieve their goals. I hope that at a time when audience tastes continually change and our industry becomes more competitive, producers in the TV industry would be committed to producing more quality programmes."

The event was simulcast on RTHK on Internet (http://rthk1.rthk.org.hk/special/tvai/2003/) and could be reviewed by visiting the website. A television special to be produced by RTHK includes memorable moments of the ceremony and a discussion on the future of television productions. Academics, professionals and audience members were invited to give their views on the 20 best programmes and to discuss the good elements of TV programmes. Interviewees included senior television professionals Robert CHUA, CHUNG King-fai, HO Kwok-leung, Department of Applied Social Sciences, The Hong Kong Polytechninc University, cultural commentator TAO Kit and Bono LEE, artists Flora CHAN and Ken CHAN etc . The special will be shown on TVB Jade Channel at 7 pm on 28th March (Sunday) and webcast on the RTHK website. The programme will be repeated at 4:30 pm on Cable TV's Entertainment Channel on 3 April (Saturday) A Professional Seminar on "Quality Surveying of Television Programmes and Public Broadcasting Service" was held yesterday and has been archived on the official TVAI 2003 web page on the RTHK website. The overall results of the TVAI 2003, pictures and excerpts of the award-winning programmes are now available on the same website.

The 15th Appreciation Index Survey Best Television Programmes Awards Presentation

(Award List)

Special Commendation from Advisory Panel

RTHK: Success Stories (JAO Tsung-I)

Best Television Programme Awards

1. Success Stories (RTHK)

2. Monday Report / Saturday Report (TVB)

3. Square Pegs (TVB)

4. News Magazine (TVB)

5. Triumph in the Skies (TVB)

6. Hong Kong Connection (RTHK)

7. 2003 Yearend Review Series (TVB)

8. Cable News (Cable)

9. Doctor and You (RTHK)

10. Anit-drug Special (RTHK)

11. Lose and Win (RTHK)

12. Police Magazine (RTHK)

13. Atypical Pneumonia Special (Cable)

14. Hong Kongers in Mainland II (ATV)

15. Review 2003 (ATV)

16. On the Beat II (RTHK)

17. News / Financial Report / Weather Report (TVB)

18. Collective Memories of Cultural Heritage (RTHK)

19. Awakening Stories of Drug Addicts (ATV)

20. A Smoke-free Planet (RTHK)