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STREET SMART Combines Reality With Fun-Filled

Real Business World Competition

FOR MIP-TV 2003:

Cannes, FRANCE (MIP-TV 2003) – Robert Chua Productions (RCP), a leading producer of quality original television programming for the vast Asian marketplace, will launch the company’s all-new reality game show hour STREET SMART for format rights formats at MIP-TV 2003.

Launched by RCP in February on Singapore MediaCorp Channel 8, STREET SMART airs prime time Sunday nights delivering an impressive 8 points (appx. 300,000 viewers) for the channel.

A one-hour reality game show based on the competitive pressures of real-world business, STREET SMART pits would-be entrepreneurs in a fast-paced format of buying and selling. Three teams have 12 hours to make as much money as they can by selling products they choose themselves. Viewers watch the entire planning, strategy and sales process at home as the team with the most profit wins.

“Just like in the real business world, each team tries to figure out the best way to select, price and sell their products. They might review the failure of previous strategies and what needs to be changed for their next sales efforts, or exhibit greed when fixing their pricing strategies. In all cases, viewers find themselves a part of the process and begin to form their own opinions,” said Chua.

Robert Chua is recognized for having pioneered terrestrial television in Hong Kong in 1967. As one of the first executive producers at Hong Kong's TVB – the market’s first terrestrial TV station – Chua brought the first ever live programming to Hong Kong, including the variety program “Enjoy Yourself Tonight” and the first Miss Hong Kong pageant.

In March 1995, Chua launched the Chinese language satellite TV service China Entertainment Television Broadcast Ltd (CETV,) which was recently acquired by AOL/Time Warner. Chua continues to retain his shareholding and remains as Chairman of the programming service.

One of the most influential personalities in Asian media, Chua is also regarded by television industry executives worldwide as a significant resource for Asian co-production, distribution and consultation services.

At MIP-TV, Robert Chua can be contacted at (852) 9038 8838, or at the Majestic Hotel.

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