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Chua takes salesman show to Mip

Following the format's Singaporean launch last month, Hong Kong-based Robert Chua Productions will be taking its new reality format Street Smart to Cannes next week.

A one-hour reality gameshow based on the hard-sell of real-world business, Street Smart pits would-be entrepreneurs against each other in a buying and selling environment. Three teams have 12 hours to make as much money as they can by selling products they choose themselves. The format was previously known as Entrepreneur Game.

"Like in the real business world, each team tries to figure out the best way to select, price and sell their products. They might review the failure of previous strategies and what needs to be changed for their next sales efforts, or exhibit greed when fixing their pricing strategies," said Chua.

Since February, the format has been on-air on Singapore's MediaCorp Channel 8 in a Sunday night slot, where its has delivered some 300k viewers for the channel. MediaCorp has also picked up Chua's You Be The Judge.

Chua will also be at Cannes with Asian rights to another of his formats, Everyone Wins, which started airing seven nights a week on China's Oriental TV in January. Outside Asia, the format is repped by Action Time.

Ed Waller
18 Mar 2003
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