January 16th, 2003
Robert Chua has signed over worldwide distribution rights for the interactive reality courtroom format “YOU BE THE JUDGE.” After initial negotiations, which took place at the Asia Television Forum, the contracts were swiftly signed just in time for Natpe.
YOU BE THE JUDGE is an imaginative concept reflecting the excitement and drama of the courtroom. The Highlight of the show, the verdict, is determined by the television audience who assume the role of the jury and let their decisions be known via SMS and premium phone lines. The format is shot on location and resolves domestic and civil feuds between partners, neighbours, friends and enemies.

Robert Chua, a pioneer in the Asian television arena has created YOU BE THE JUDGE for the international format market. “This format is gripping viewing because the viewers determine the verdict. The core content has proven to work in a number of territories already but none have yet to invite the audience to participate.”

Television audiences around the world are no longer satisfied with passive viewing. YOU BE THE JUDGE is a format that modernises the courtroom genre, empowering a 21st Century audience to direct their decisions through interactivity.

“This is our first acquisition for 2003 and sets a precedence for the forthcoming year,” commented Michel Rodrigue, CEO Distraction Formats. “Robert Chua is a pillar of the Asian television community and it’s fantastic to include one of his formats in our ever-increasing catalogue.”

Chua’s professionalism and experience is unrivalled in the Asian market after establishing TVB, Hong Kong’s first terrestrial TV station, now a dominant broadcaster and powerhouse in Southern China. He also produced Asia’s longest running variety show, ‘Enjoy Yourself Tonight’ as well as founding China Entertainment Television Broadcast (CETV), which later attracted a strategic alliance with Time Warner Inc.