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Chinese deal for Everyone Wins

In China, veteran producer Robert Chua's new gameshow format Everyone Wins arrives on air on Shanghai Oriental Television (OTV) from January, in an unprecedented five-nights-a-week deal.

"Most formats are lucky if they get one night a week," Chua told C21, "but our show will go out to Shanghai's 16m inhabitants every weekday night" at 20:00 from January 1. One of state-owned Shanghai Media Group's 11 television channels, OTV is carried via terrestrial and cable networks.

The first episode of the new show will be a charity version, with local celebs as contestants. After Everyone Wins arrives on OTV, the channel will rep the show to all the other regional stations across the People's Republic.

The Mandarin version of the interactive quiz has been produced inhouse at the channel, with the programme's interactive software and design coming from Chris Goss, who developed the back-end for Millionaire and Weakest Link.

Chua and Richard Gardener from Action Time consulted on the OTV production, since the UK distributor is handling non-Asian rights to the format.

As well as Chua's Asian deals with TVB (Hong Kong) and MediaWorks (Singapore) - both of which have yet to produce their versions - Everyone Wins has also been sold by Action Time to producers in Turkey and the Middle East.

The quiz's interactive twist is that contestants' scorelines form a stream of Lucky Numbers that players at home have to match with their own passport numbers, credit card numbers etc to win prizes themselves.

Ed Waller
16 Dec 2002
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