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Everyone Wins Emerges As 3rd Highest Rated Prime Time Show

Against A Field of 38 Channels

Shanghai TV’s Oriental TV Channel Airs Seven Nights A Week Game Show


Hong Kong (For MIP-TV 2003) – China television pioneer Robert Chua continues his winning ways with the successful launch of his newest first run interactive television Quiz/Game series Everyone Wins on Shanghai’s Oriental TV.

Making its premiere first quarter of 2003, Everyone Wins immediately captured an impressive audience share, emerging as the 3rd highest rated prime time program against a tightly competitive field of 38 channels – including all 11 CCTV stations. Oriental TV airs the program seven nights a week during prime time from 8-9:00PM.

“We are thrilled by the success of Everyone Wins in Shanghai,” said Chua, who created and developed the game show. “Right from the start, Everyone Wins connected with the viewing audience who enjoyed the new experience of being able to participate in the show to win prizes along with the studio contestants.”

Robert Chua, who celebrates his 40th year in the television industry this fall, has also completed work on a special format for Everyone Wins that will be repped at MIP-TV 2003 by UK’s Action Time Television. Chua is scheduled to introduce the format at the “Pitching Session” on 26th March at MIP-TV.



Robert Chua Productions/Everyone Wins

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“I am confident that the ingredients that make Everyone Wins a success in China will prove to attract viewers worldwide.” Said Chua. “We look forward to showcasing our new Everyone Wins format at MIP-TV.”


Robert Chua is recognized for having pioneered terrestrial television in Hong Kong in 1967. As one of the first executive producers at Hong Kong's TVB – the market’s first terrestrial TV station – Chua brought the first ever live programming to Hong Kong, including the variety program “Enjoy Yourself Tonight” and the first Miss Hong Kong pageant.

In March 1995, Chua launched the Chinese language satellite TV service China Entertainment Television Broadcast Ltd (CETV,) which was recently acquired by AOL/Time Warner. Chua continues to retain his shareholding and remains as Chairman of the programming service.

One of the most influential personalities in Asian media, Chua is also regarded by television industry executives worldwide as a significant resource for Asian co-production, distribution and consultation services.

At MIP-TV, Robert Chua can be contacted at (852) 9038 8838, or at the Majestic Hotel.

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