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December 05, 2006

CBS Picks up Robert Chua's Interactive Format, "You be the Judge"

Ticrobertchua_3  TV formats distributor, Cbslogo2006_2Distraction, appears to have secured a major US deal for an interactive format entitled "You be the Judge." The format presents civil disputes, in which a plaintiff and a defendant, advised by qualified lawyers, present their respective cases. Once a case has been argued and defended against in the in-studio court, it is handed over to viewers to judge. According to Distraction, the format--which was previously sold in the UK (to the BBC) and Serbia--will be produced in the US by New Line and will be broadcast on CBS. "You be the Judge" is the brainchild of Robert Chua, a prominent figure in TV formats and Asian TV circles. (Note: In 2004, Chua--who, among other things created the first show to be broadcast live in Hong Kong, formed the first foreign production company to enter the mainland China market, and founded China Entertainment  Television, a channel which is broadcast throughout China and the rest of Asia and which was sold to Time Warner in 2000--launched Ticlogo2005_2 The Interactive Channel, a 24/7 cable channel that is notable for its cross-media approach to interactive TV and for the degree to which it allows viewers to participate in its programming. For an in-depth interview with Chua, and an overview of The Interactive Channel, see [itvt] Issue 5.92 Part 2.)

Originally Published: December 5, 2006  in [itvt] Issue 7.08 Part 3

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