Posted: Mon., Jul. 14, 1997

China Ent. TV names Tymon COO

HONG KONG --- China Entertainment Television has named Gerry Tymon, a 25-year veteran of Canadian broadcasting and advertising, to the newly created position of chief operating officer of CETV Family Channel.

Tymon will focus on strategic development, advertising sales and satellite distribution of the Mandarin-language network, which pushes a "no sex, no violence" format.

Tymon had been president and general manager of Netstar Sales, a division of Netstar Communications. The Canadian company had served as a consultant to CETV.

Robert Chua, the network's founder and CEO, said Tymon's appointment "underscores our commitment to assertively promote CETV Family Channel as an influential advertising vehicle to agencies and advertisers throughout China and Southeast Asia."

Tymon's appointment follows Chua's buyout in February of his partners, including Pat Robertson's Family Channel.

CETV, which was launched in March 1995, now reaches 33 million TV households throughout China and much of Asia.


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