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FICCI Frames Day 2 Roundup: Content Issues

By Nikhil Pahwa - Wed 28 Mar 2007 07:16 AM PST

Social networking sites can be used to test content, and generate a buzz, said David Taghioff, VP (Business Affairs) for William Morris Agency on Day 2 at FICCI Frames, reports Agencyfaqs. James Ross, Regional Director (Asia) Granada International suggests that content needs to be customized to the market while Robert Chua, CEO of the Interactive Channel believes that the future is in simulcasting content via different media - TV, the Internet, radio and mobile phone, and facilitating interactivity using video phones or webcams.Paramdeep Singh, VP, Business Development and Finance for BODVOD, USA added that consumers tend to search for content, and don’t just accepting what is being delivered to them. Thus, content needs to be customized to user preferences.
Patrick Frater from Variety questioned whether measurement tools are keeping pace with innovations in content delivery. While Interactive TV on the net may be able to register users there was a general consensus that innovations like the layered TV didn’t really allow an accurate measurement system.
Satya Prabhakar, founder and CEO,, interestingly, said that the number of blogs posted online are more than the users reading the blog, and the challenge lies in making your content interesting, while also simplifying the process of posting blogs, reports the Financial Express. Pankaj Thakar, CEO, Cellcast India feels that acquisition of local content in India is not easy, and lack of broadband connectivity remains an issue. The future of user generated content depends on faster networks and the implementation of 3G in mobile phones to make content sharing easier. quotes IM Swaminathan of Yahoo Groups as saying that user generated content provides greater opportunities for advertising and PR, via viral marketing: “Bloggers are invited along with traditional media to press conferences and product launches. Marketers are now using them as samplers before launching their product into the market.” Lawyer Martin Diesbach added that laws pertaining to UGC differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Is the liability with the platform provider or the user, and who owns the content?

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