Singapore double for Chua's new formats

Latest deals for Hong Kong-based format outfit Robert Chua Production House include Singaporean pick-ups for two new formats: a salesmanship challenge show and an interactive 'court room' format.

Singapore production company Right Angle Productions has licensed Chua's new format Entrepreneur Game for broadcast on MediaCorp. The format involves contestants competing through their selling skills alone. Some 13 hours will be produced and aired from December 2002.

Another Singapore deal has been inked that sees MediaCorp airing a series based on Asian gameshow veteran Chua's new format You be the Judge. The location show involves a host settling minor real-world disputes with his own cash, with the final jury rulings made via home voting, premium phone lines and SMS.

With local outfit Focus Productions making the show, MediaCorp will air it on its Chinese channel from February 2003. Chua will be at Mipcom armed with a pilot of You be the Judge, plus a pilot of another new format, TV Phone-In Karaoke.

This is a late-night show that allows viewers to sing along from home phones but also allows viewers to vote off singers mid-song via SMS. The format has been adapted for the international market from Chua's original series that appeared back in 1998 on CETV in China.

Another of Chua's gameshow formats, the interactive quizzer Everyone Wins, has so far been picked up by HK's TVB and Singapore's MediaWorks, with Action Time handling non-Asian distribution.

Ed Waller
10 Sep 2002
C21 Media 2002