Peggy’s Page

PeggyJen Ping-ping joined Hong Kong TVB to work at the reception and program transcription prior to the station’s opening in November 1967. She began to present a children’s program for TVB, and worked as a production assistant on the English channel before becoming Robert’s assistant on the station’s smash hit variety show, ‘Enjoy Yourself Tonight’. Robert Chua her boss was the Production Manager of TVB as well as the shows creator / executive producer.

Peggy ChuaBorn in Shanghai, Peggy had lived in Hong Kong from the age of two. After leaving TVB, she joined Redifusion as a producer.

In 1973 she decided to move to Canada to join her family, but Robert followed her there and proposed marriage. The two returned to Hong Kong together and were married in January 1974. In addition to becoming Mrs Chua, Peggy became a director and partner of Robert Chua Production House Co Ltd, which he set up the same year.

In 1981, Peggy was the presenter of Robert Chua’s hugely successful ‘ABC’ series of English learning programs which were aired all over China. The series was the first foreign-produced program ever shown on Chinese television.

The Robert and Peggy combination was a classic husband and wife team, with Robert concentrating on day to day studio work and Peggy fulfilling the role of manager, programmer distributor and other business administration. Peggy had a great moderating influence on Robert’s life. In his own words: ‘She is a fantastic wife and partner. Before I was married my image was that of a playboy around town. I used to mix with all the stars, but my lifestyle changed after marriage. I don’t even bother reading all the gossip columns in the Chinese press’.

Peggy has developed an intimate and astute knowledge of television production through her work at TVB and with Robert and is an accomplished producer / programme and presenter in her own right.

Peggy at MIP-TV ’85
Peggy has been a great asset to the couple’s business interests in China. Not the least because of her language skills. She is fluent in English, Cantonese, Shanghainese and Mandarin – a language Robert admits he has never fully mastered despite living in Hong Kong for more than 33 years.

As executive director / program controller for CETV family entertainment channel, Peggy’s role is vital to the channel’s flavour. She uses her connections all over the world to strike good deals on choice programs. It helps that she keeps in close contact with trends in Chinese viewing habits. ‘Tastes in China change all the time, sometimes every five or six months,’ she says.

In 1985, Peggy was rated among the top 50 women in Hong Kong by “Elegance-So-en Magazine”.

In 1995 April 7 Peggy was again rated among the 10 top women in the International Television Business by Electronic Media International