Whether you are a new or old friend or just visiting, your input is welcome. Robert will take note of all views and suggestions.
To contact Robert directly

Name: Greg Lowitz  Email: 
I’m delighted to have met you during Streaming Media Asia. I look forward to a long-term, mutually beneficial friendship and business releationship as we forge new frontiers together in Internet broadcasting!

Thank you for your hospitality!

Warm Regards,

Greg Lowitz
General Manager
Webcasting Solutions Group
Pinnacle Systems, Inc.

Name: Philip Wong  Email: 
Hello, I just like to say that you have a great attitude towards life. Currently I am doing a software technology project in SE Asia.
If you are interested perhaps we can talk. email me at



Name: Mark Bick  Email: 
I was looking at wired news and saw that you had
purchased 6,000 domain names. I think that you
are doing a great job with the non-sex oriented
ideas for tv and the web. Keep it up. The world
needs more people with your beliefs.


Name: Joshua Bernard  Email: 
I visited your site through I just thought I’d say you have an interesting web-site. I always enjoy reading about the person behind the story. Thanks. Perhaps someday I will Visit china and see your work in person.

Joshua Bernard

Name: Tarik Yalvac
Robert Chua is a very close friend.
He is the grestest collector of Asian Art.
He’s also a genius in media business.
I am proud to have met Robert and his wife, who is one of the most charming ladies I have ever met.
I wish both of them all the happiness and success in life.

Tarik Yalvac
Consul General of Turkey

Name: Ananda Perera  Email: 
Both Robert and I worked as Floor Manager at RTS(Radio and Television Singapore). We were buddies. Robert left as he felt unappreciated. Though now it is cool to say as Albert Einstein said, Imagination is more important than knowledge, then it wasn’t a cool idea.Luckilly for Robert, he did not stagnate with officialdom. He went to Hong Kong and the rest, as is said, is history. I watched his progress and achievements with quiet glee and thought good for you Robert you are making great professional inroads. Now he has done much more than that. His bravado in coming up with highly creative tv programmes and products make him easilly one of the great heroes of Asian media. The Time Warner link elevates him to international fame. There is more to come from Robert Chua. I await with glee!


Name: Lee Bernstein  Email: 
As a friend of Robert Chua? and as a columnist for the New England Antiques Journal, it’s a pleasure to send both Robert and Peggy my well wishes for continued success. I particularly enjoyed Robert’s Chinese antiques page, and I’ve recommended the page as a must-view to all my antiques and collectibles fans.

Great job, Robert!

Warmest regards,
Lee Bernstein

Name: Terrence Shan  Email: 
Your conscientiousness and accomplishments over the years as a successful media entrepreneur set a fine example and goal to the younger generations to emulate.

I personally learned and enjoyed a great deal after going through the pages. Thanx!

Name: Beth & Sandy  Email: 
As with everything you do, your web-site is absolutely first class. It is
very informative, and provides outstanding profiles of both of you.

This effort is yet, another indication of your being able to deliver the same
kind of quality product you have been doing for so many years. It is also
further testimony to your commitment to bringing people together through
broad-based communications efforts….Robert Chua Productions, CETV, and now,
your new web-site. You continue to provide a great service to so
many….Hong Kong, China, and now, the world!

All the best.

Beth & Sandy

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