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Name: eze  Email: 
very nice site .keep it up
Name: Catherine Béjot  Email: 
Dear Peggy and Robert,
After seeing this wonderful compilation of your life,
with all the aspects from childhood, family,
professional life, marriage and health, I am so
touched to see that you are both still very
eloquent and elegant….just as when we knew you
while living in Hong Kong years ago.You have both
contributed a great deal to your country and the
international world, and you certainly know how
to experience life to the fullest. I am delighted
that we know you and that we keep in touch, as you
suggest in this great compilation of your life!
Sincerely, Your friends, Catherine and Mathieu and John
Name: Miss Torres  Email: 
I enjoyed reading about your accomplishments!
Name: Serene  Email: 
Hi Mr Robert Chua!

I was really glad that you spoke at the Young Entrepreneurs Congress. I was truly inspired by you. It’s hard to explain this, but somewhere in-between the congress and walking home, something in me just ‘clicked’. I’ve always thought of starting a business in the lifestyle sector (which I am passionate about) but the inertia was always so much greater than my passion. But right now I actually feel that I can. And that in fact, I have known all along that I can but that I’ve just never had the courage to believe it. The opportunity of watching you speak first-hand, someone who has really gone through difficulties and overcomed them the way you have, gives me a down-to-earth feeling that I can do too. Thank you for your talk, and for the sincerity, energy and passion I felt so strongly coming through your speech. You shall remain in my mind for many years to come. Here, I wish you the best in your future endeavours, and happiness and health always in the family.


Name: Clinton Lim  Email: 
Dear Robert,

The last time I touched based with you was over 40 years
ago…when you first joined Kind’s College, stayed with
with Rev Canon Adams, Adelaide.I also remember your
early days at ADS Channel 7, North Adelaide.

I am Clinton Lim, a fellow Singaporean and if you still
cannot quite recall me, you’re excused, as 40 years is a long

How fast time flies. What you have achieved in media
is nothing short of phenomenal. I am proud of you, Robert.
And I am sure you will scale greater heights in the
world media.

Robert, I have a great patent-protected TV Game Show idea
and will email you separately to explore how we can
collaborate in a win-win manner.

Clinton Lim

Name: Gary Lam  Email: 
We really enjoy the Everyone Wins Show!
Name: Agnes Lee  Email: 
Dear Mr. Chua

I am a Malaysian who presently works and resides
in Shenzhen, PRC.I have been on a one year break
after being in the hotel industry for the past 18

During this time, the television has been my
companion and is a great form of relaxation, at
least for me.This is when I chanced upon CETV
which is available via cable (Topways).

I love what has been created and am looking forward
a larger variety of programs.Can I ask, how much
of materials are produced out of Taiwan, HK, China

Keep up the good work.You now have a fan in me
I will be following closely in all that you do.

God Bless

Name: Olivia Cheng  Email: 
Hello Robert,

My name is Olivia Cheng.I’m a broadcast journalist from Canada.I was
directed to your website by a Mr. Jordan Wood who is interested in producing
a half hour sample ESL show for you.I checked out your site and just
wanted to say hello.

Olivia Cheng

Name: anita chan  Email: 
Hi Robert!!!…!!!…!!!

You rock!!!

Bye Robert!!!…!!!…!!!

Name: anita chen  Email: 
well, sorry for messing up your guest book just then.
that was the by-far “dumbest” thing i have ever written.
hi anyways…

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