Chua and China

Since his company began doing business with China in 1979 – long before other media companies – Robert Chua has built up an enviable network of connections supported by the goodwill he has generated.

The “quanxi” Robert earned in China is the result of his professional commitment to developing China’s TV industry. It is not the result of family connections or wealth.

Robert and Peggy Chua saw China Entertainment Television Broadcast (CETV) through some tough times.The station has built a strongfollowing throughout China.
It is often said the road to business success in China is littered with broken dreams. Robert Chua has had his share of ups and downs in the China broadcasting market.

Even highly experienced business people who know how things work in China can run into difficulties, as Robert discovered when a financing deal for his China Entertainment Television Broadcast (CETV) unravelled at the last minute.

After learning many hard lessons in the China Market, Robert is well placed to help his partners avoid the pitfall. Robert remains a proud patriot and a total optimist about China’s future.

The first media executive to visit China just after the Tiananmen Square incident, Mr Chua maintains firm support for the Chinese Government.