The Milestones

Nov 1966/ May 1967: At 20 years of age, Robert becomes Singapore’s youngest TV producer of programs in the Mandarin, English and Malay languages. His ability, contribution and production output exceeds that of all senior producers.

1967: Robert Chua was offered a job with TVB by telegram in early 1967. He departed for Hong Kong to report for work on May 21, 1967, the day after celebrating his 21st birthday. He was one of many “senior production executives” and was responsible for recruiting and training production staff.

At 21, the youngest executive at Hong Kong’s new start-up terrestrial broadcaster, Television Broadcasts, Robert Chua creates a new variety show, “ Enjoy Yourself Tonight (EYT.)” TVB’s first ever live show, the five nights per week EYT shoots immediately to the number one rated slot and lasts more than 30 years. Its multi-presenter and guest format is quickly copied by rival channels.

In recognition of his abilities and energy, he received a 32 per cent pay increase four months after starting work with TVB and was promoted to Assistant Program Manager by the time TVB launched. He rose to Production Manager and then Special Assistant to the Managing Director. During his time at TVB, Robert Chua created Asia’s longest lasting variety show, Enjoy Yourself Tonight and discovered many television talents.

1972: Produced Hong Kong’s first ever ‘live’ TV charity show ” Operation Relief” on 24th June. It raised a record $8.65 million during the show. Bruce Lee was one of the star that appeared on the show.

Robert with Bruce Lee and Raymond Chow (Golden Harvest Film), 1970
1973: The first Miss Hong Kong pageant was held. Created and produced by Robert Chua, Miss Hong Kong gradually became the premier glamour event in the colony. Facing cultural resistance in the early stages, Miss Hong Kong soon established itself as a coveted title leading to success, wealth and great fame for many contestants.

1973: Robert Chua produced Hong Kong’s first show which was staged overseas, a screening of Enjoy Yourself Tonight produced in cooperation with Radio and Television Singapore technicians and crew to benefit charity.

1974: Hong Kong’s first independent production company, Robert Chua Production House Co Ltd (RCP) opens for business, producing many successful commercials for the public and private sectors as well as corporate videos. Later the company became heavily involved in selling airtime and marketing foreign television programs to Chinese channels.

Silver Jubilee’s production team, 1977
April, 1975: Hong Kong’s first independent producer for then ‘Rediffusion Television Ltd’ (now known as ATV.) Produced a 26 episode, half hour series of a musical show entitled “Robert Chua Presents.” The musical show ` Robert Chua Presents’ becomes the first TV show in Hong Kong to bear the producer’s name, indicative of Mr Chua’s position as the undisputed top producer of light entertainment television.

1976: Forms Hong Kong’s first off line TV production facility, Video Centre. The facility specialises in videotaping special events, weddings and parties.

1977: The Queen of England’s Silver Jubilee is celebrated in Hong Kong at a grand multiscreen stadium event produced by Mr Chua. The biggest multiscreen event ever held in Hong Kong, the show won praise from top levels of Government.

1977: Started Hong Kong’s first independent TV facilicating production company, named “Conic TV Studio“, eventually selling out his shares in 1983. After a change of name, the company is now the leading facilicating digital production company in Asia

Signing advertising contract with CCTV offical in 1979 for the nation wide Citizen Watch time check
1979: Became the first media company to sell foreign TV advertising directly into China, securing exclusive deals with TV stations in Guangdong, Fokkien, Sichuan and Henan provinces. Landed an advertising deal with Citizen Watch providing the time check for Beijing’s China Central Television (CCTV,) Guangdong TV (GDTV,) and Fujian TV and a sports program sponsorship deal for Seiko in Guangdong. As an act of good faith, the Chuas deposited HK$1 million (then about US$200,000) into a Chinese bank as a guarantee of securing future advertising revenue for Guangdong TV.

1979: Financed and introduced the first closed circuit TV on trains running between Hong Kong and mainland China in his capacity as consultant to the Chinese Railway Authority.

1981: Started Singapore’s first independent TV facilicating production company, name “RCP-TVStudios”

Robert gave travellers on the train from HK to Guangzhou some much needed entertainment.
1981: Distributed China’s first hospitality magazine produced outside the country – a Shanghai tourist industry brochure – in cooperation with Hong Kong newspaper the South China Morning Post.

1981: RCP created, produced and distributed China’s first 26 half-hour episode ABC series of English learning programs in China. Hosted by Mr Chua’s wife Peggy, these proved highly successful and were rescreened in many parts of the country.

1982: Produced a series of China export promotion videos distributed free to Chinese embassies around the world.

1983: Started Singapore’s largest permanent live concert venue ” Hoover Live Theater” facilicating local and Asian singers.

The Chuas with some Chinese TV officals, 1980
1984: Robert Chua became the first distributor of foreign TV programs in China, handling product from Lorimar, Metromedia and Silverbach Lazarus.

1984: A 12 million circulation Communist Party newsletter `Information Reference’ lauds Mr Chua in a prominent article, describing him as a TV Whiz Kid.

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