The Facts

Robert as Floor Manager at ADS Channel 7,1964
1956-60: St Andrew’s School, Singapore

1961-62: Anglo Chinese School (ACS), Singapore

1963: King’s College, Australia.

1964-65: ADS Channel 7, Australia.

Early 1966: Fajar Record Co (recording local artists) Singapore.

Mid 1966: Top Talent Co (Producing pop stage shows) Singapore and Malaysia.

Nov 1966-May 1967: Radio Television Singapore (producing TV entertainment programs in Chinese, English and Malay language) Singapore.

May 1967- December 1973: Television Broadcasts Ltd (TVB). At 21, pioneered Hong Kong’s first terrestrial TV station launched November 19, 1967 (pioneered and contributed to what became Hong Kong’s most successful TV station. Created Enjoy Yourself Tonight, which became Asia’s longest running light variety show)

Singapore Minister of State For Culture, Fong Sip Chee, 19811974: Hong Kong’s first independent TV production company,Robert Chua Production House Co Ltd (RCP) opens for business, producing many successful commercials for the public and private sectors as well as corporate videos.

April, 1975: Hong Kong’s first independent producer for then ‘Rediffusion Television Ltd’ (now known as ATV.) Produced a 26 episode, half hour series of a musical show entitled “Robert Chua Presents.” The musical show ` Robert Chua Presents’ becomes the first TV show in Hong Kong to bear the producer’s name, indicative of Mr Chua’s position as the undisputed top producer of light entertainment television.

1976: Forms Hong Kong’s first off line TV production facility, Video Centre. The facility specialises in videotaping special events, weddings and parties. Started the same year to attend VIDCOM ’76 in Cannes which is today the annual MIPTV and MIPCOM.

1977: Starts Hong Kong’s first independent TV facilicating production company, Conic TV Studio

1977: The Queen of England’s Silver Jubilee is celebrated in Hong Kong at a grand multiscreen stadium event produced by Mr Chua. The biggest multiscreen event ever held in Hong Kong, the show won praise from top levels of Government.

1979: Became the first media company to sell foreign TV advertising directly into China.

1981: Starts Singapore’s first independent TV faciliating production studio name ” RCP-TV Studios“.

A Piano Recital, TVB’s first locally produced program aired 19th Nov, 1967, produced and directed by Robert
1981: RCP created, producted and distributed a 26 half-hour episode ABC series of English learning programs in China.

1985: Created and produced Hong Kong’s first english language situation comedy ` Guess who’s coming to Yum Cha.’

1986: Appointed consultant to Hutchison Whampoa Co’s cable television license application.

1988: Created and produced Hong Kong’s first video publication.

1990: Pioneered Hong Kong Interactive telephone `audiotext‘ service.

1993 Aug: Shanghai Broadcast Association “Honorary Member (Director)

1994: Established the 24 hour CETV satellite family channel. Test broadcasting for 100 days began in 1st December 1994.

1995: CETV was officially launched on 11th March.

December 1996: Robert Chua is the only Hong Kong television media executive invited to attend the sixth Annual National Congress of Chinese Federation of Literary and Art Circles, attended by Chinese President Jiang Zemin.

TV Singapura controller TV V. C. Palmer 1967.1997 June : Invited to attend the ceremony to mark the handover of Hong Kong to the People’s Republic of China.

1997 July: Appointed guest professor of News and Media Studies, Nanjing University, China.

1997 Sept: Project-Hope “Honorary Certificate

1997: CETV forms first joint venture production house with the powerful Chinese Xinhua News Agency to produce documentaries.

1999 Dec: Formed a dotcom company named ComplainAsia Dotcom Company Limited

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